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What We Offer

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Initial Evaluation

60-90 minutes

Comprehensive assessment with a registered dietitian to determine your nutritional needs, goals, and most effective treatment strategies and support resources. 

Weekly Follow-up Sessions

45-60 minutes

Continued exploration of the imbalances in your relationship with food and body, realistic goal setting, and support in accountability towards lasting changes.

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Video or Phone Check-In

15-30 minutes

Short, supportive conversations with your dietitian between follow-up sessions to maintain momentum toward attaining your goals.

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Dynamic Food Experiences

Grocery Shopping, Cooking Instruction, Social Events, Intuitive Eating Practice: Food doesn't just involve eating. We can support you with any step in the process of nourishing your body. 

Meal Support By Qualified Nutrition Professionals

Eating a meal, guided by a professional you trust, to reduce food rituals, address anxiety, or explore intuitive eating principles.


Assessment of Medical Test Results

We collaborate with your medical team to assess food allergy/sensitivity testing, gastrointestinal procedure results, lab values and more.

Our Services: Service

Electronic Interactive Food Journaling and Symptom Monitoring

 Built-in smart phone app that allows you to communicate in real time with your dietitian, sharing meal photos, sensations, and emotions.

Collaboration With Your Team

We collaborate with your therapist, physician, psychiatrist, and alternative medicine practitioners to ensure that you receive the highest quality of care. 

Presentations & Workshops

Presentations discussing overlap between nutrition and mental health treatment; for therapy practices, treatment centers, Sober Livings, hospital staff, schools, and businesses.

Nutrition Workshops, tailored to meet your group's needs.

Our Services: Service
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