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Our Philosophy

Our Mission: To support all individuals in healing their relationships with food, body, and mind by creating access to affordable, quality nutrition counseling services. 

Evidence-Based, Experience-Informed: The science behind nutrition is always evolving. We use the latest scientific research, as well as our staff's many years of professional experience treating nutrition-related diagnoses, to guide us in finding individualized solutions to our clients' issues.  


Access: We believe that all individuals - no matter their socio-economic situation, employment status, or medical diagnosis - deserve access to affordable nutrition services when needed.


Sustainability: Healing your relationship with food, mind, and body is not an easy fix. We strive to support our clients in creating life-long changes in behaviors, thoughts, and beliefs around what it means to be healthy, and how to achieve optimal health. 


Practicality: Your expectations, and ours, should be realistic. We encourage behavior change that is flexible, fluid, and forgiving, rather than strict, harsh, and punishing. 

Well-Being: Health is not just determined by your BMI, lab values, or body fat percentage. We view health as involving all aspects of you: emotions, moods, thoughts, relationships, judgments, transitions, life goals.

Acceptance: At the end of the day, we want to support you in feeling happy, healthy, and content in your own skin.  

Our Philosophy: Inner_about
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